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MetLife Legal Plans is the market leader in group legal plans, serving more than 3,000 organizations. This includes more than 200 Fortune 500 companies®, all major accounting firms, and the world`s largest consulting firms. We have an excellent track record of serving our sponsors and their employees. According to a recent survey of our legal plan sponsors, 99% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the legal plan, and 93% said the legal plan was very manageable.2 Our national network of over 18,000 pre-qualified and experienced lawyers means your staff has a lawyer close to them to help them with their legal file. MetLife Legal Plans is the only provider that covers office and telephone advice for an unlimited number of covered and uncovered personal legal matters, as long as they are not excluded. These services are provided by local network lawyers. Yes, MetLife Legal Plans encourages members to use the plan to resolve as many legal issues as possible, even if they are pre-existing issues. The only pre-existing issues that are not covered are those for which you retained a lawyer before you were eligible for plan benefits. Cover the cost of a range of legal issues with a legal plan and access experienced lawyers to help you with estate planning and more. If you are considering subscribing to the legal plan offered by your employer, visit our information centre. Your human resources or benefits department may provide you with an access code to register. Our plan covers a wide range of different legal issues and there are no restrictions on how often you can use your plan. The plan also includes unlimited initial consultations with a lawyer, as long as it is not an excluded issue.

Members can speak to our network lawyers in person, by phone or online at our electronic panel® of law firms – whichever works best. And for some legal matters, a lawyer can represent a member in court without him appearing. 1 Average monthly rate for MetLife Legal Plan. Average hourly rate of $370.00 based on years of legal experience, National Law Journal and ALM Legal Intelligence, Law Firm Industry Survey (2018). Our goal has always been to provide affordable, quality legal aid and to make it easier for you to get that help. We offer access to lawyers for all of the above issues and more for a low monthly fee with no waiting, deductibles, co-payments or claim forms if you use a network lawyer for a covered matter. Our lawyers will guide you from start to finish, no matter how long it takes to resolve your issue. MetLife Legal Plans gives you access to expert legal help so you can safely navigate life`s great moments. A legal plan can help if you: Guardianship, a matter of inheritance, is the legal process for administering a minor`s estate.

This process requires the submission of an application and court approval. Provide employees with easy access to legal advice for these important moments in life. A legal plan can help you at any stage of life, at no cost to you. Our over 40 years of experience in providing legal benefits to businesses of all sizes translates into an easy benefits experience with a team you can trust. We make the legal plan an easy-to-implement benefit that is also easy to use for employees, with no wait times, usage restrictions, co-payments or application forms. Legal problems arise when you get married, have a baby, buy a house, lose a loved one, or have legal documents drafted. For example, since lawyers typically charge $370 per hour for services, the value of a prepaid legal plan is easy to see.* Initial enrolment rates average between 6% and 8%. You will find that the number of registrations increases each year as satisfied employees discuss the value of the legal plan with their peers.

Yes, we can adjust legal regimes for groups of 3,000 or more eligible employees. 2 MetLife survey of legal plan developers conducted in 2017. You can visit their website, click on “Think about registration” and enter the password 5930030. You can also call the Customer Service Centre at (800) 821-6400 Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time. “Fully covered” means that all legal services related to the covered case will be paid for by the legal regime if you use a lawyer in the network. There are no copayments, deductibles or claim forms if you use a network lawyer. You are also entitled to advice and guidance on matters that are not fully covered by the plan, as long as they are not excluded. (See Terms of Use for a list of excluded questions.) For a low bi-weekly payroll deduction of $10.80, the plan covers the representation of many personal legal services for you and your eligible dependents. You can get office advice and/or telephone advice on various personal legal matters. To see what`s covered and for exclusions and limitations, click here.

Signing up for a legal plan is like having a lawyer by your side. If you use a network lawyer for the covered services, all attorney fees are covered by the legal plan. Payments for the plan are made through convenient payroll deductions. MetLife Legal Plans provides employees with convenient and affordable access to a network of highly qualified lawyers for day-to-day personal legal matters. After registration, employees have access to a lawyer as if they were in advance. Plans juridiques du groupe de MetLife Legal Plans, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio. In some states, group legal plans are provided through insurance coverage signed by the Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company and Affiliates, Warwick, RI. Not all services are available in all states. For more information, see your plan description. MetLife® is a registered trademark of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY.

©2020 MetLife Services and Solutions, LLC, MetLife Legal Plans, Inc., 1111 Superior Avenue, Suite 800, Cleveland, OH 44114 For approximately $20 per month, our Legal Employee Benefits Program offers value, convenience and confidence by providing you with easy and cost-effective access to lawyers for a variety of personal legal services, including advice and guidance on an unlimited number of personal legal matters. You can also visit the Covered Services section to see examples of legal issues covered. MetLife Legal Plans makes the legal services you want a streamlined process. How to use your MetLife plan: 62% of working adults have been involved in a legal case in the past three years.3 MetLife Legal Plans, formerly known as Hyatt Legal Plans, offers an accessible and cost-effective approach to legal assistance for those facing common legal issues. Whether you need to create a trust and/or will, guardianship or other matters, MetLife offers comprehensive coverage and an extensive network of experienced attorneys, including Rehmani & Associates in Orange County, CA, in their Tustin, CA office. Our lawyers provide comprehensive legal assistance – from advice to drafting or reviewing documents to representation before the courts, if necessary, for many legal matters. Tom and Linda hadn`t given much thought to the importance of legal coverage until one of their children was involved in an unexpected accident. If an employee uses a network lawyer for the covered services, all attorney fees are covered by the legal plan. Advice and advice on an unlimited number of personal legal matters is also included. When an employee registers legally, they have a lawyer by their side for only a few cents a day. Payments are made conveniently and easily through payroll deductions. This service is tailored to your needs, so our network of lawyers is available in person, by phone, email and online, so you can easily communicate with a lawyer or plan your next move.

MetLife Legal Plans makes it easy to get the legal help you can get by offering: If you are a member of a legal plan, you can quickly access the members page to view your employer`s legal plan coverage, or call our customer service centre at 800-821-6400 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST), Monday to Friday). Unlike other states, California has different definitions of what guardianship and guardianship are. California defines a conservatory as a court procedure for protection for an adult, and guardianship is the procedure for protection for a minor. In general, MetLife clients are looking for a general veranda for a senior with a physical or mental disability. A legal regime provides fully covered services for many of the most common personal legal issues, as well as advice and guidance on an unlimited number of personal legal issues. MetLife Legal Plans is the largest provider of group legal plans in the United States and has been in business since 1981.

Your plan`s lawyers must meet strict criteria before joining our network and are regularly reviewed to ensure they continue to meet the plan`s standards. MetLife Legal Plans provides employees with easy-to-use and cost-effective legal services at no cost to your business. With a legal plan, you can add real value to your benefits plan by giving employees access to lawyers for many common legal issues they face, from starting a family to buying a home to caring for aging parents. Life is full of times when you may need legal help. From exciting times like buying a home to less exciting times like a speeding ticket, we`re making legal aid for life`s big moments affordable, accessible and easy. Comprehensive coverage for over 60 legal issues including: MetLife Legal Plans, Inc.`s group legal plans, Cleveland, Ohio.