Momentum Legal Updates 2019

Companies in general are struggling in today`s hiring environment. While Americans have adapted to the challenges of living in a post-COVID-19 world, other factors have contributed to national staffing shortages. As Jane Pollard, founder of Momentum Legal, noted at the 35th Annual Ad Valorem Duty Seminar, the U.S. had seen 126 months of economic growth and an unemployment rate of 3.5 percent at the end of 2019, both record figures. Whether in private practice or in a corporate law department, a niche law practice is essential to the success and opportunity of a lawyer today. A specialty also means more control over your career and the number of options available to you: whether you want to change firms, move in-house, or pursue an alternative legal practice. We want our products to offer you optimal efficiency. Find technical support, product updates, training, and more. In our job as legal recruiters, we talk to candidates every day about job opportunities and what they are looking for in a new position. Often we actively recruit lawyers with niches for clients` specific needs and there are some law firms we call first – because we know that job satisfaction in some firms is low and highly skilled employees are looking for a new opportunity.

While the Dallas-Fort Worth area has traditionally been a booming economy market in general and a growing legal market in particular, the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has somewhat altered the city`s traditional legal efforts. Financial services, commercial real estate and litigation have suffered somewhat, but they have begun to recover from the worst effects of the pandemic. Personal branding creates a recognizable name for itself. Simply put, it`s the process of letting the world (or at least the legal community) know who you are. Far too few lawyers focus on developing their personal brand, which means it`s a great way to stand out from the competition in the eyes of employers (i.e. private law firms). This report discusses the benefits of personal branding for lawyers, particularly in terms of employment. As a long-time presence in Texas law and participating in national legal events, Momentum Search Partners is proud to have joined more than 500 lawyers, policymakers, consultants and real estate professionals at the 35th Annual AD Valorem Tax Legal Seminar. During the two-day event, attendees gained insight into the accelerated changes facing the legal industry and how the evolution of legal technology will provide the framework for law firms to succeed.

During the opening session, CEO Deane Price presented the importance of customers to the company`s success by investing in 30% growth in service and support departments. Chris Cartrett, Executive Vice President, presented a five-year vision to transform business operations and how Aderant is focusing on internal and external collaboration, automating routine tasks with machine learning, and optimizing the use of cloud computing to support this accelerated change. This strategic vision will allow companies to spend more time on legal strategies and less time on tactical work. Strengthening pension infrastructure is a rare area of policy commonality. An extension to the 2019 SECURE Act is expected to be signed this year, according to panelists who commented at InvestmentNews` retirement income summit. If your Austin law firm is struggling to find ideal legal candidates, you know you`re not alone. Many companies from different market sectors cannot find a candidate in this difficult environment. According to CNBC, “about 47.4 million people voluntarily quit their jobs for better work during the pandemic and the Great Quit [in 2021]. In comparison, 42.1 million people quit in 2019, which was considered at the time the tightest job market since records began. As legal markets begin to recover, finding the right candidate for the job remains a challenge for many companies, partnerships, and corporations.