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Government employees understand the legal policies and regulations of the government agencies with whom they interact on a daily basis. The Master of Science in Law programs were offered online and consist of 30 units. Courses are offered entirely asynchronously to meet the students` schedule with a low student-faculty ratio of 6:1. Students have the opportunity to participate and learn from real-life customer scenarios, such as writing memos or conducting relevant research and writing projects. Every professional who works with laws and regulations must constantly educate themselves to stay up to date with changes in legal requirements. Continuing education may be provided by employers, industrial organisations or professional certification bodies. From business to government to healthcare, almost every industry needs professionals with advanced legal training. Our online LLM program is designed for working adults who want to expand their career opportunities by acquiring knowledge of law, legal terminology, and procedures. > Many law schools now offer Master of Laws Studies (MSL) or Master of Juridical Studies (MLS) programs online for non-lawyers whose careers in their organization will benefit from legal training, although they are not required to practice law. For many MSL and MLS applicants, an online law degree might even be the smartest choice than on campus.

Online programs offer flexibility, affordability, access to innovative technologies, students with diverse professional backgrounds and global opportunities. Click here to see our full list of all the best JD programs online. Click here to see our full list of all the best Young Girls programs on campus. Your CV offers the opportunity to show how your work experience complements your academic preparation for studies. Add your work experience and focus on specific responsibilities related to a Master of Laws. You can also offer admissions agencies details about community engagement, honors, and educational experiences. There are different types of law degree programs with a program similar to a Master of Juridical Studies program. These include the Master of Science in Law (MSL), the Juris Master (JM) or the Master of Jurisprudence (MJ). Check out this list of over 20 LLM programs online and find the best one for you.

Individuals with a master`s degree generally earn more than their counterparts with a bachelor`s degree. Many online LLM programs take only a year to complete, and schools offer part-time enrollment for working students. The short curriculum and flexible schedule allow students to quickly implement their education and get a return on their investment. NSU is located in Fort Lauderdale and offers an online master`s degree in law and politics. Students learn to apply their knowledge of the U.S. legal system to solve legal problems in the workplace. The diploma does not prepare students for the bar exam. Most LLM programs require 30 to 60 credits and can be completed in 1 to 2 years. Delivery: Format: 100% onlineTeaching style: synchronous and asynchronous American University is located in Washington, D.C. and is immersed in the legal history and future of our country. You`ll benefit from the school`s connections to this legal environment and have the opportunity to connect with key CD resources. Earning a Master of Laws online does not prepare graduates to practice law, but there is no shortage of job opportunities for non-lawyers with a strong legal background.

A law degree may be suitable for professionals working in industries that overlap with law, such as criminal justice, business, banking, higher education, and healthcare. Letters of recommendation address a candidate`s relevant knowledge, skills, and work and/or educational background. One or two of these letters are required for most LL.M. programs. Applicants should request letters from supervisors and/or professors in good time before the application deadline. Contact: Email: legalstudies@hamline.eduWebsite: Hamline University – College of Liberal Arts Student support services help students succeed in the classroom and in their careers. Academic advice ensures you stay on track to achieve your degree goals as you explore courses and topics that complement your degree. Career counselling services can help you develop your resume and prepare for job interviews. This office can also connect you with alumni in your field to serve as mentors or expand your professional network. Schools can also organize internships that offer real learning experiences. Many schools offer these services to students online remotely. Hofstra University is a private institution.

The university offers two Master of Arts in Law programs in online format. The Master of Juridical Studies at Drexel is administered by the Faculty of Law. Students learn how to help businesses and organizations deal with complex legal issues and meet compliance requirements. The program`s eight concentration offerings include human resources compliance and financial regulatory compliance. Enrolling in law school for a Master of Laws program may seem daunting, but many schools offer law students and law students resources to support their academic and professional goals. Check with your preferred program and school for professional help, certificate options, or off-campus experience. Ultimately, the best legal program for you depends on your own career goals and what you expect from your master`s program. You may have always been interested in law, but you`re not sure if law school is right for you. Perhaps you are working with lawyers in your current job and want to expand your knowledge so that you can take on a new role or take on new tasks. The Master of Law comprises a core curriculum that includes courses in constitutional law and policy. In today`s complex regulatory environment, there is a growing demand for professionals in almost every industry who understands the intricacies of regulatory compliance. That`s why Drexel University`s Kline School of Law`s online Master of Juridical Studies (MLS) is designed to maximize your career potential and add value to your business.

Fordham Law School`s MSL in Corporate Compliance online program prepares students to solve complex compliance issues and protect organizations from violations of laws and regulations. The Master of Laws in U.S. and Transnational Law at UD offers a customized bar-focused program. Students complete the degree at their own pace, taking as many or few courses as they wish each semester. The online program enrolls students with a first-time law degree from the United States or abroad. Applicants do not need a legal license to apply. The MLS Online program offers a multidisciplinary program that includes courses from American University`s Washington College of Law, Kogod School of Business, and #8 School of International Service3. The Master of Juridical Studies (MLS) offers options for individuals interested in continuing their legal education, but who do not necessarily want to attend law school to become a lawyer. Our program is a fully online, asynchronous program for professionals who would benefit from a nuanced understanding of the U.S. legal system, but do not intend to practice law.

The MLS program offers new skills and knowledge to enhance your existing skills, rather than preparing you for a whole new career. This degree does not allow you to take the bar exam and is therefore not intended for people who wish to practice law.