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You will need to log in to your nidirect account and enter your personal identification number (PIN) to view cases and applications or to submit new or legal aid applications. The Legal Services Agency (Northern Ireland) is an executive agency managed by the Department of Justice (Northern Ireland). LSC is requesting funding of $1,018,800,000 for fiscal year 2022. Our request relates to the projected increase in demand for civil justice services due to the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on low-income communities, as well as the continued lack of adequate resources to provide civil legal assistance to millions of Americans who were eligible for LSC-funded services prior to the pandemic. Practice staff must also create a nidirect account for identity assurance, but the process is different from that of lawyers. Go to and enter the requested personal information. Once you`re done, you`ll receive an email asking you to activate your account. To find out how accessible the nidirect rate payment service is and what is being done to improve accessibility, see the Legal Aid Management System Accessibility Statement. LSC promotes equal access to justice by providing grants to legal service providers through a competitive grant process. LSC fellows address the basic civilian needs of the poor and address issues of security, livelihoods and family stability. Most mutual legal assistance practices focus on family law, including domestic violence and child support and custody, as well as housing issues, including evictions and foreclosures. To find an LSC-funded legal aid organization near you, simply enter an address or city using the link below.

Founded in 1974, LSC is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes equal access to justice and provides grants for quality civil legal aid to low-income Americans. All lawyers wishing to benefit from legal aid from 1 July 2019 must create an individual “supplier account”. Make sure you have a validated nidirect account and all the necessary information and documents at hand. Go to, enter the email address and password you used to create the account, and sign in. Select “Create a vendor account” and complete the process. To continue receiving legal aid from 1 July 2019, you must follow these steps: Follow the instructions on the ni direct page “Create or log in to a lawyer or lawyer legal aid account”. All lawyers wishing to provide legal aid after the introduction of LAMS must create an individual “provider account” and then a “professional account”. If your nidirect account is active, go to, Sign in, select Create vendor account, and complete the process.

Once your vendor account is approved by the agency, log in to your LAMS account using your nidirect account, select “Create Business Account” and complete the process. If you need help with a civil law issue, enter an address or city below to find an LSC-funded legal aid organization near you. Legal Services Corporation (LSC) signed a contract with NORC at the University of Chicago in 2017 to measure the equity gap among low-income Americans. LSC defines the equity gap as the difference between the civil rights needs of low-income Americans and the resources available to meet those needs. Public information on finding a lawyer, advice to applicants, objections to the provision of civil law services, legal fees and the National Anti-Fraud Initiative. LSC is a granting agency that allocates nearly 94% of its federal funds to eligible non-profit organizations that provide civil legal assistance. LSC awards grants through a competitive process and currently funds 132 independent legal aid organizations. With nearly 852 offices across the country, these organizations serve thousands of low-income individuals, children, families, seniors, and veterans in every congressional district. You can also visit to find information about your legal issues and find free legal forms. Under the Sixth Amendment, Americans are only provided with criminal legal assistance. LSC was founded to provide financial support to legal aid organizations that assist in civil cases.

Lawyers can no longer submit paper applications or legal aid. Legal Services Agency NI only accepts applications and online applications through a nidirect account. For more information on legal aid services on the Internet, see: All practice staff who access LAMS and make entries must create a “different staff account”. Go to, enter the email address and password you used to create the account, and log in to your nidirect account. Select “Create another employee account” and complete the process. The Legal Services Agency of Northern Ireland (LSA NI) was established under the Legal Aid and Coroners` Courts (NI) Act 2014 to manage the provision of publicly funded legal aid. You must log in to your nidirect account before you can create your LAMS account. To create a nidirect account, you must specify: The Law Society Library will help you create a nidirect account.

If your nidirect account is active, log in and create your digital account on LAMS. You must create a nidirect account and verify your identity within five calendar days. If your identity is verified, log in and create your digital account on LAMS. As another year draws to a close, read LSC President John G. Levi`s message as he reflects on LSC`s accomplishments. Are you registered with Medi-Cal? Have your contact information changed in the last two years? Update your contact information with the Department of Social Services to stay connected. Allen was born with kidney failure. At six months old, he was one of the youngest people in Missouri to receive a kidney transplant, and he took medication all his life. At least one piece of identification must be photographic. For most people, a passport or driver`s license, bank statement, and utility bill are sufficient. When you create a nidirect account, you will receive an authentication code via email. You will need to bring this code and three forms of identification to a verification centre (also known as identity assurance offices) in Northern Ireland.

After a bitter divorce, in which Mr. Harrison was not represented by a lawyer, he was not granted access to his son and daughter, although there were no allegations of abuse. You cannot create a LAMS account without a nidirect account. If you are employed by a lawyer, you must use the online Legal Aid Management System (LAMS). You must create a nidirect account and a LAMS account. All three identification forms must match the address used to create the account. For lawyers, the Bar Library supports the creation of your nidirect account.