Who Can Legally Touch the Net in Badminton

If you accidentally touch the net in badminton, you will get a mistake, lose the rally and allow your opponent to score a rallying point. Ouch. That`s why you really want to do your best to stay close enough to where you can reach the steering wheel without getting so close that you fall directly into the net. Just because you can`t touch the net yourself doesn`t mean the steering wheel can`t necessarily. Depending on whether it is served or in the game, its legality may change within the game. So what happens if the steering wheel touches the net in play or on serve? In badminton, it is not uncommon for someone to accidentally hit the net with a racquet or with their body. When this happens, a question arises. Can you go online to badminton? This page explains the rules of badminton in the best way. I love the game and the site helped me a lot to understand the different aspects of the game. Keep up the good work, guys. Stop snoring devices As you can see from the extract above, you cannot touch the net with the racket, body or even dress. This means that if, for example, your T-shirt touches the net, even if your body doesn`t, it`s called a mistake.

As you may have noticed during your badminton exposure, in most cases it is legal to go online. If you touch the net with your arm, your racquet hits the net, or one of your body parts or limb hits the net while the ball is in play, you`re in trouble! Now that we`ve covered what happens when you or the steering wheel touches the net, let`s move on to your racquet. What happens if you accidentally hit the net with your racket in badminton? Is it the same as touching it yourself or is it acceptable as long as you are not the one touching it yourself? As I said in the short answer, under no circumstances can you go online to badminton. If you do, the referee will call a mistake and you will lose the point. In the laws of badminton, here is the specific part of the document that explains this: The only thing that can legally touch the net is birdie or shuttle. The player`s racquet cannot touch the net, even if it is not intentional. Not all of the player`s games should touch the net either. Whatever the reason, the player`s clothing should not touch the net. touches the net or its support with a bat, person or dress; (To the extent required by the structure of the building, the local badminton authority may, subject to the veto power of its member federation, issue regulations dealing with cases where a shuttle hits an obstacle.) Now that we`ve looked at what happens when you, your racket or badminton touches the net in badminton, let`s ask the big question, what can actually touch the net in badminton without getting it wrong? Do you want to know how to play badminton? Please click on this link brainly.ph/question/9230957. The most common mistake in badminton is that players do not return the steering wheel to the opposing player`s court. Either the steering wheel does not pass over the net, or it is not in the opponent`s field, or it does not hit the steering wheel at all.

Pretty much the only scenario where a player can touch the net is when there is a dead steering wheel aka a dead ball. This means that while the steering wheel is in play, you cannot touch the net with any part of your body or racquet. The server and the insolvency administrator are located in diagonally opposed service courts, without affecting the boundaries of these service courts. Below we`ve broken down what happens when the steering wheel touches the net both in the game and on a serve: Surprisingly, the rules don`t specify a minimum ceiling height. Playing badminton with a low ceiling ruins the game as it makes defensive shots ineffective. In practice, all major tournaments use very high caps, but some local or regional venues do not. Most officials would classify touching the net as a mistake on the net. Similarly, all network-related contacts would be errors. If you ever accidentally hit the ceiling with the steering wheel, that`s also a mistake. In almost all scenarios, the net is taboo while the steering wheel is in play. If a badminton game touches the net in any way and the shuttlecock is still in line, then it`s a mistake and the opposing team gets a point.

So if you are playing close to the net, you have to be very careful because you could lose the point if you accidentally touch the net.